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  • Project Manager - Kara Whelan
  • Development Worker - Michelle Jones
Creating and Learning Together
  • Literacy Programmes Coordinator - Agot Bugge


Chair - Susan Elsley

Secretary - Simon Radcliffe 

Simon was a children's and young peoples librarian with Edinburgh City Libraries and spent many years working with children in schools, nurseries and the library in Craigmillar. He is also a founding member of Craigmillar Books for Babies and is both a rhymetimer and oral storyteller.

Treasurer - Remo Lanni


Miriam McHardy

Ian McDonough

Ian is a trainer and mediator who manages the Scottish Community Mediation Centre. He is interested in all aspects of literacy and literature and has published four poetry collections. He lives in the Southside with his partner and their 16 yr old daughter. 





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