Star Poems

This selection of poems on the theme Stars was written as part of the Craigmillar Book Festival, inspired by local celebrations of National Poetry Day and by poetry writing workshops led by poet Liz Niven with support from the Dr David Summers Charitable Trust.

Stars bright like silvery moon light.
On my way to bonfire night under the sparkling firework light.
At the shows with my warming gloves.
I can smell the woolly pink candyfloss and hear people scream in the roller coasters.

Lewis Wilson, Newcraighall Primary School

Stars in the sky, day and night,
They are yellow and very bright.
Shooting stars, 
Make a wish,
Can I have a big goldfish?

Taylor Craig, Castlebrae Community High School

Stars like diamonds at the bottom of the sea.
Looking out my window whilst watching TV.
Chocolate fudge cake melting in the microwave – hot as could be.

Zoe Robinson, Newcraighall Primary School


Kissing the ages of skin.
Shimmering in the white light.
Suspended blades anchored with tears.
Shimmering eyes burn through the dark.
Mirror to face – content
Through the clouds of dressing
Mirror to face – content
A star was born.

Mark Turnbull, Castlebrae Community High School

I look up to the sky, and I think of you, 
You were my granddad.
No one can take me away from you no matter who. 
You are the brightest star in the sky, 
If I had a car I would fly, 
Take you back and say goodbye. 

Anon, Castlebrae Community High School

Stars Stars shine so bright.
Stars Stars come out at night.
Stars are people’s memories,
Good, bad and sad.
Stars are small and so very far away,
All I know is they’re here to stay.

Little stars guide me home,
In a group or all alone.
Big balls of fire in space.
Miniature lights here on earth.
Reminds me of the ones I love.

Anon, Castlebrae Community High School

Amazing how they sparkle
They always catch my eye
The wonders of the universe
They make me want to cry
A star up high in the sky
These many wonders make me sigh
I wish I was up there with them
Lighting up the sky.

Steven Ross, Castlebrae Community High School
Twinkle, twinkle sparkling star
How much you remind me of my big sister.
Now you’re gone, it’s not the same
All the great times we had together
They will stay with me forever.

Sean Neill, Castlebrae Community High School

Stars shining like a diamond.
On my way to my friend’s house.
Smells of the apple tree hit my nose.

Helin, Newcraighall Primary School

You are a star way up high
You are a star in the sky
If I’m down I just look up
And you are there just a little pup.
You shimmer so brightly in the sky
But sometimes I just ask – Why?

Anon, Castlebrae Community High School

Stars bright as gold glistening pennies in my smooth silk purse.
Stars smooth like soft warm blankets on my cosy bed.
Stars smell as fresh as baked cakes out of the oven.

Ciara Aitchison, Newcraighall Primary School

Shining bright like jewels in my eyes,
Thousands upon thousands of stars in the night.
The brightest one, most important to me, 
My auntie Lisa shining down on me.
Lost her with cancer, made me grieve
Then I got back on my own two feet. 
At night I do pray, 
God holds you tightly
Each and every day.

Kelly Dodds, Castlebrae Community High School

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